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SmartAdhesives' urethane adhesives are useful for bonds that require flexibility for expansion, contraction, or other types of movement. They are ideal for bonding dissimilar materials that might have different thermal expansion or different flex properties.

Our urethane adhesives are very tough. They form impact-resistant bonds with high peel and shear strength. They are weather and chemical resistant and ideal for outdoor applications because they can handle harsh environmental conditions, whether on land, in the air, or at sea.

Moreover, our urethane adhesives have excellent abrasion resistance. They are optimal for bonding surfaces subject to frictional forces, such as concrete and wood flooring, and marine assemblies. We offer our urethane adhesives as two-component adhesives with a 1:1 mix ratio in 50ml. and 250ml. cartridges, and can supply larger sizes upon request.


Best substrates

  • Plastics
  • Concrete & Masonry
  • Wood & Hardboard
  • Glass
  • Rubber
  • Metal


  • Industrial strength
  • Flexible
  • Impact and weather resistant
  • Good for bonding dissimilar materials
  • No VOCs

Things to know about urethane adhesives

About Urethane Adhesives

Urethanes adhesives come in many forms, and the two component versions usually provide the greatest bonding strength. Urethane bonds are the most flexible of all the structural adhesives, and are environmentally tough. They are abrasion resistant, salt-water resistant, and do not yellow in sunlight.

How They Work

Urethane adhesives work through a chemical reaction between urethane resin and a polymer catalyst. The reaction causes the components to create a chemical chain-link fence that will also bond with many different types of surfaces. The bond is tough with high strength, but also elastic.


Urethanes contain isocyanates which require safe handling measures. Nitrile gloves and a good ventilation system is highly recommended.

Common Application Methods

Cartridge with an applicator gun (or caulking gun), trowel, brush, wooden tongue depressor or putty knife.

Did you know

Urethane adhesives are what keep your car windshield on your car?

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