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Overview of Adhesive Types

Adhesives come in many forms and chemistries, formulated to solve different problems with different features. We'll give you a snapshot here, with links for more details. All our adhesives are listed below, grouped by type.

Epoxy / Urethane / Methacrylate / Instant Adhesive / Contact Adhesive
IQ Glue / Wood, Paper & Fiber Adhesives / PermaTack / Threadlockers


Epoxy adhesives are the most widely used structural adhesive, because of their excellent adhesion to most substrates, high strength, and light weight. Learn more about epoxies.


Urethane adhesives are environmentally tough and flexible without sacrificing much bond strength, especially in two-component versions. Learn more about urethane adhesives.


Methacrylate adhesives are toughened structural adhesives designed to bond plastics, metals, composites, and dissimilar substrates. Learn more about methacrylate adhesives.


Instant adhesives (cyanoacrylates) are incredibly strong and quick-setting, more than run-of-the-mill "super glues." Learn more about instant adhesives.


Contact adhesives are fast-acting and ideal for attaching large surfaces together, with the ability to provide water and heat resistant bonds. Learn more about contact adhesives.


IQ Glue combines the best qualities of a sealant in a stronger-than-usual environmentally friendly adhesive. Learn more about IQ Glue.


Wood, paper & fiber Adhesives are high concentration Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) based adhesives formulated for versatility in labeling, packaging, insulating, and wood working. Learn more about wood, paper & fiber adhesives.


PermaTack adhesives deliver the critical qualities of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs): permanent tackiness, instant holding power, and your choice of permanent or removable application. Learn more about PermaTack adhesives.


Threadlockers (anaerobic adhesives) seal the threads of screws into metal objects, especially securing nuts to bolts. Learn more about threadlockers.

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